“Şeb-i Yelda” (pronounced Shab-e Yalda in English), is a Persian term that signifies ‘the longest night’. Inspired by the Ottoman poet Bosnian Sabit Efendi’s verses, Hüma Utku created four new, very personal tracks, developing further her musical language by fusing traditional instruments with deep electronic sounds, distortion and dark ambience, in order to create intense atmospheres of anger, anxiety, grief – but also empowerment and hope. These compositions are Utku's personal reflections on the long lasting devastation and turmoil in the Middle East as well as witnessing the individual experiences related to these happenings. The titles translate as:'“Şeb-i Yelda” (The Longest Night), “Ay” (The Moon), “Sabah” (The Morning) and “Kul” (The Servant).

Utku released “Şeb-i Yelda” under the artist moniker R.A.N.



Şeb-i Yelda

All tracks written, produced and performed by Hüma Utku
Tambur on "Sabah" played by Ercüment Gümüşel
Mastered by İlker Çiftçi at Partapart Studios, Istanbul
Vinyl cut on 45 rpm by Mike Grinser at D&M, Berlin 
Album artwork by Hüma Utku

released on August 31, 2018 by Karlrecords as [12’’ Vinyl/DL]