Uzak (pronounced [uˈzac]: far, distant, remote), is a piece that explores the layers of physical and mental sense of distance — to self, others, dominating narratives, expectations, constructs. A sonic manifestation, oscillating between the yearning to be physically remote, and the simultaneous wish for closeness and belonging. Between a departing old system and the coming of a new one, there comes an unignorable voice, vocalising the desire to step out of a linear past-present-future paradigm laid at one's feet — a desire to break down premeditated constructs. At a point of shoulds and musts, this is a dwelling on alternative realities, what could be and what could have been.

Uzak is not about dreams or dreamers. It is about what one is willing to do to carve their own path; a life of sacrifices and wilful actions. It is not about the romantic portrayals of nomads or heroic tales about outsiders; it is about their reality.

In this piece, field recordings, drones, vocals and spoken word are being used to tell a story of a remote mind's attempts at reaching out and her yearning for some sense of closeness to and understanding from others. The audience is invited to step into a sonic purgatory where uncertainty meets new possibilities of being; new roads lead to new distances, and new distances lay in uncharted territories.

This 20-minute sonic piece has been premiered in musikprotokoll 2021, in Graz/Austria. It was performed live on an ambisonic sound system in Dom im Berg.